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Ideal Transformation Client for Michael Manning

Dear Student,

Personal mentoring is not for everyone and I suggest you consider these items before you contact me:

  1. Define the gap between where you are now and where you want to be as a result of coaching.

  2. What is that gap worth to you? In other words, it will cost you time, money (coaching fees), and energy to produce the results you want. Is the goal worth it?

  3. Does the value exceed the cost?

  4. Are you coachable?

  5. Are you committed to a better life for yourself and your family?

You will achieve great results with me if you:

  • Have a lot of integrity
  • Are teachable
  • Are open minded
  • Want a change in your life
  • Actually apply what you learn
  • Enthusiastically refer clients of the same caliber, if and when I want referrals
  • Are goal oriented
  • Have the time to do the work
  • Accept responsibility for your actions
  • Speak truthfully and are accountable for the results you produce
  • Have adequate funds to pay for my mentoring
  • Pay for my services without any hassels
  • Will be on time for coaching appointments
  • Understand and speak fluent English
  • Have the full support of your spouse or significant other, if applicable

You are not the kind of client I'm looking for if:

  • You are looking for a get rich quick scheme
  • You just want someone to blame if you fail
  • You would rather be right than healthy, wealthy or wise
  • You do not want to be intimately involved in the process
  • You didn’t read this page!

Be honest. Be blunt.

No healthy relationship can excel in the absence of clear communication, expressed expectations, explicit boundaries and a mutual understanding.

I’m looking forward to see who steps up to the plate! Contact me if this appeals to you.


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Michael Manning, Spiritual Counselor

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