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Dynamism Staircase to Enlightenment

Starting from the bottom of the staircase, each level is designed to address a certain area of decayed Dynamis (charged energy), freeing the spirit of old energies that hold him/her back today. As each old psychic impression is found and cleared, the Being's perception of the present becomes much clearer, enabling that Being to live a much richer, fuller and happier life. Most people need each step in the sequence shown below. However, this is a general guide for removing the decayed Dynamis in an orderly fashion. Other actions will be needed on some cases, but the major areas of charge will be found on these steps.


The Life Overwhelm Program

This is often the first step and may be accompanied or preceded by the Communication exercises. The purpose of this program is to find and eradicate the psychic wounds that are currently bleeding and keeping the individual in a state of overwhelm. The energies of other's which have imprinted on the being are addressed and removed. This level breaks the pattern the person's life has been following. This level alone is a marvelous gift that changes the course of a person's life and enables the person to progress spiritually as well as feel more like getting up in the morning.

The Unwanted Scripts Program

This program's purpose is to allow the individual to examine those scripts that have been imposed on him or her or that he has adopted without inspection. Once this is done a great deal of the person's own will is restored and some of his power restored. This level starts the being on the road to personal sovereignty.

The Memory Improvement Program

This level is really a series of exercises that are designed to uncover early memories and incidentally release a lot of decayed Dynamis while doing so. It gives the person practice at remembering and better control of his memories. In order to eventually be able to run past life events without hypnotism or forcing it, this level gently pushes the person to use his various senses and impressions and so loosen up his fears regarding remembering things. Many people are very worried about their memories, if they are able to remember correctly and what they have forgotten. This is mostly due to invalidation from others. This level starts the person on the road to recovering from the amnesia regarding who he used to be and what he used to do.

Psychic Impressions Program

This program has several steps. Not every one needs all of them. The first step is substance abuse handling. Substance abuse includes drugs, medicines and alcohols. Many people do not realize that they have been abusing substances because they were prescribed for them, even at times when they were children being dosed with various medicines. Some think that there are no after effects because they have been drug free for years. Others believe that a little pot or aspirin never hurt anyone. The keynote of all drug use is denial. When one thinks of substance abuse, one tends to think of drugging oneself, but one can also BE abused by car fumes, chemicals in foodstuffs and soft drinks as well as being dosed with castor oil or amphetamines for "one's own good." Spiritually speaking drugs of all types tend to interfere with the interface between the being and the body, including the brain. So the substance abuse program starts with the Body, Mind, Heart and Soul program which helps to repair any damage done to the interface. Then the psychic impressions are examined. The second part of this program tackles the psychic impressions formed during this lifetime of losses, injuries, illnesses, and other traumas that left lasting impressions. The third tackles past life incidents that left such a deep and lasting impression they are still affecting the being today.

Responsible Communication Program

This program tackles the barriers and problems the individual may have connected with communication, as well as teaching the person how to communicate in a responsible and effective manner. One could call this the happiness level.

Problem Resolution Program

This program teaches the Being how s/he and others create problems automatically in areas where s/he has encysted Dynamis, thus enabling him/her to dismantle them or create them knowingly. S/he no longer compulsively solves problems by creating new ones. S/he can allow others to resolve or solve their own problems.

Forgiveness Program

It has been accepted for a long time that blame, guilt and shame ruin lives. On this program one gets to revisit, re-examine and forgive oneself for one's transgressions. One can go forward, clean and shining. It has been said that confession is good for the soul; it is true. However, external forgiveness does not bring the relief and renewed self esteem that forgiving oneself brings. There is nothing in the universe as joyful as a being who can trust himself again.

Psychic Wounds Program

By the time a person reaches this level he has already run many psychic wounds, here certain key ones in important areas are discovered and revisited, leaving the being expanded and able to reach out into areas of life which were previously shut off.

Righteous Computation Program

Self-righteousness, arrogance and self satisfaction are pitfalls if one truly wants to be the best one can be. This difficult and painful program is not for the faint of heart. It takes immense courage to do the soul searching this level requires of you. Once through this program the tendency to react in the same way over and over again is GONE!

Personal Power Program

This program is designed to unlock the power within. This enables the being to use his or her personal power. The presence of a being at this level is unmistakable.

Personal Sovereignty Game Spheres Program

This program tackles the core of the case, opening the door to be fully who you really are, a sovereign being. Personal Sovereignty is the ability to stand on your own two feet, examine the influences of those involved in any particular scene, and taking those influences into account, make your own judgments and decisions. It is the state of being that occurs when a person is centered and grounded, creating his/her own life, and operating from his/her own basic nature. The Game Spheres Program is the heart of the body of work we call Dynamism. Old games from eons ago are still playing out in our current lives, usually in a most inappropriate manner. This causes a rift in the fabric of our existence today. Once this is gone one can truly be here and now. One can get knocked off one's position but recovers quickly and returns to the center by a simple act of willing it so.

Association Program

Past associations that haunt one still are addressed at this level. Once handled the being is able to choose his associates and associations newly. This level frees up attention and clears up the Dynamis field around and through the body leaving a sense of lightness and freedom that must be experienced to truly comprehend.

Integration Program

We all have aspects of self we like and others we do not allow to be seen for we are ashamed or afraid of them. This level allows one to fully integrate those aspects of self we have kept suppressed freeing more life energy to tackle our current existence.

Expanded Game Sphere Program

Even when we have tackled and dismantled our own tangled web of ancient games, others have their own into which they try and capture us. This level raises ones ability to keep out of the dramas of others and maintain our own playing fields.

Spiritual Empowerment Levels

This level increases spiritual perception and the ability to create. These levels are still under construction and are designed to be done in a group. This means we must have enough people who have finished the staircase to form a large enough group to give us a major set of psychic abilities with which to work.

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Michael Manning, Certified Dynamism Practitioner

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