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Michael Manning, Spiritual Growth Mentor

DTSG is a complete process taking you through the phases of human development that relate to psychic / spiritual development and enlightenment and brings you to true liberation. The primary purpose of the practices in the first three phases is to liberate energy and attention from the body, emotions and the mind so that attention can be returned to that from which it arises. Adaptation of the first phase will first produce bodily purification (of the circulatory system), followed by a process of rebalancing (of the nervous system) and finally, rejuvenation of the endocrine system (the hormones get balanced, and you don't need anti-aging stuff). However, this is a bi-product or secondary benefit and NOT the purpose of bodily adaption.

Adaptation of the second phase will produce emotional purification and coordination with the gross physical, and adaptation of the third phase will produce mental purification and the function of the will is developed and coordinated with the emotional-sexual and gross physical functions. All of this is optimally nurtured and done in a spirit of love, trust, and surrender in relation to the Living Divine or All-Pervading and Transcendental Reality.

The Law of Attraction does not include bodily adaptation, emotional adaptation, nor mental adaptation, and that is a major reason people get erratic results from positive thinking, affirmations, and all the other forms of the Law of Attraction. DTSG will also clear most, if not all, of your energy blocks and raise your level of energy. Manifestation is quick and easy once you move into the fourth phase.


Many people have reported:

  • Developing a much better understanding of who and what they are
  • Clarity of mind and a deep feeling of peace
  • Better able to focus on what is important
  • More joy
  • Better able to cope with the world
  • Better understanding of life
  • Deeper connection with their true spirit
  • More reliable intuition
  • Deeper connection with others
  • Seeing the bigger picture

If you are interested in getting more information about True Spiritual Growth read my ideal client page.


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Michael Manning, Spiritual Counselor

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