Michael Manning


Michael Manning
Certified Dynamism Practitioner

Dynamism is the study of Life Energy known as Dynamis (sometimes called Chi or Ki). Dynamism is a philosophy of personal evolution, a unique blend of Western and Eastern ideas, that opens the door to the individual unlocking his personal dynamism.

Dynamis Clearing is a staircase towards sovereignty and empowerment. Although many religions, philosophies and practices claim to heal the "root cause", Dynamis Clearing is one of the few methods I have found that actually handles psychic wounds and removes scars from the soul. It is the psychic wounds (usually the root cause) and the decisions and thoughts we have while in such anguish that get etched on the universe, causing the negative patterns in our lives to repeat and mirror back to us. This also taints our Dynamis, blocks our success, and inhibits the development of our natural psychic abilities.


Many people have reported:

  • Release guilt, fear, and other painful emotions and limiting beliefs
  • Letting go of the things causing them to feel overwhelmed
  • Freedom from unwanted scripts
  • Add more benefits here

A Simple Explanation of Clearing

The word clearing implies a certain consideration or "reality" about the nature of the mind, and its relationship to the body and the spirit. The term Clearing is a comparison to the modern computer and its software. The body, a physical mechanism of solid matter, is similar to the computer's hardware. Of course, the computer requires software to carry out its intended function, as well as to operate and co-ordinate its various parts and peripherals. This software is similar to what we think of as the mind.

Additionally, the computer requires an operator to function, even if only to give it its original instructions. The similarity for this operator would be the "self", the being or spirit, whatever we wish to call it. Just as the software is the interface between the operator and the hardware, the mind could be considered the interface between the self and the body. Just like it's possible to have a file (data) in the computer of which the operator cannot bring up on the monitor, it is possible to have a thought, idea or belief of which one is not aware.

Furthermore, it is possible to have things come up on the monitor which one cannot delete; similar to a persisting thought or fear which one cannot seem to get rid of. One idea fundamental to the various versions of Clearing practices is that our lives and behavior are affected by thoughts, beliefs, memories and decisions which exist but of which we are consciously unaware. And another fundamental idea is that we are at times haunted by thoughts and fears which intrude into our consciousness at inappropriate times, affecting our concentration, ability to stay present in the moment, and ability to focus effectively. Dynamism Clearing helps you trace the origin of these thoughts, beliefs, memories, traumatic incidents and all the emotions experienced. Once found, you have the opportunity to sort out and examine these old thoughts, beliefs, memories, and emotions and decide if they are working for you now. Clearing is one of the few ways a person can actually eradicate these old traumas, emotions, decisions, thoughts and beliefs. Once that is done you will find any new decisions, goals and purposes you have will manifest as originally intended.

(modified from an article by Hank Levine, What is Clearing?, Free Spirit Journal 1997)

The Role of a Clearing Practitioner

A Clearing Practitioner is a person who has trained to effectively assist you in regaining your individuality, self-esteem and determinism. A Practitioner is there to assist you in finding the correct item that's causing you difficulty, and help you stay focused. We are essentially listeners who guide you to discover your own point of view and to make your own decisions. No one knows you better than you!

If you are interested in getting more information read my ideal client page.


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